Floral Gifts

Sympathy Arrangements

In times of sorrow, flowers can speak when you don’t know what to say. For a broad selection of sympathy arrangements, please visit our online web store at Shop.DavidRohrStudio.com.

The David Rohr Floral Studio can create beautiful custom floral arrangements for homes and businesses throughout the Coachella Valley – from Palm Springs to Coachella. Just call us at (760) 321-6359 and let us know the occasion and the style that you prefer, and we will create something just for you. Arrangements can vary from the traditional to the avant garde. Take a look at our Instagram gallery to get some ideas.

Custom arrangements for delivery start at $75, and delivery is $15 for nearby cities and $25 for more distant cities. Note that we will request the recipient’s telephone number, as weather and the prevalence of gated communities make it essential that we contact the recipient to schedule delivery. This doubles the surprise, as they are surprised to get the call, and surprised again when a beautiful arrangement is presented to them by one of our friendly drivers.

Delivery hours are Monday-Friday, 9AM to 6PM, Saturday, 9AM-Noon.